Unparalleled Suffering

Your Support Counts

Donations have been pivotal for Unparalleled Suffering's continual growth. The costs involved with this work are not a joke and support is much appreciated and much needed. The work I've produced has always been offered for free to activists and organizations as I don't believe I should be charging a fee for people to use my work to produce meaningful change in other humans and to help oppressed animals. Your support ensures that I'm able to work as full-time as possible and continue to push the boundaries and be a free resource for others. The vast majority of the vegan activism community experiences burnout and needs to take breaks, which is perfectly understandable, yet I'm extremely fortunate to not have endured any burnout in all my years of doing this work and I've been able to dedicate almost all of my free time to continuing on this journey. People always ask me how I cope with the work I do and although I can't provide a definitive answer besides "I just do" I know full well that the support I get from others helps me to feel so much better than if I didn't have it.

How To Support Unparalleled Suffering

Because of issues with Paypal and Venmo, Unparalleled Suffering is currently only able to accept donations through Patreon and GoFundMe. They are both extremely easy to sign up and contribute. Patreon allows you to pledge a specific monthly donation, which can be edited or canceled anytime if you'd like. You can also make a one-time donation through Patreon by signing up for a monthly donation and canceling at any point before the next billing cycle. If I have an active GoFundMe campaign it will be shown below. Patreon keeps a 5% fee and GoFundMe keeps a 2.9% fee but they are both incredible services that have helped me enormously.

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