Unparalleled Suffering

The Power of Documentation

We can pretty much all agree that most people who have decided to abstain from harming and causing harm to other beings have got to this point wholly or partially from witnessing documentation that an investigator has gathered. I gather a wide range of evidence of what’s being done to oppressed animals to amplify their own forms of protest, which demonstrate their resistance to what’s being done to them in all kinds of use situations. A lot of thought goes into what injustices I document and how I can best capture the wants and needs and feelings of these beings as well as how I can best capture the cruelty, apathy, indifference and obliviousness of the humans who put these beings into perpetual punishment. What I gather from cruelty situations as well as rescue situations is available for any individuals, groups or organizations to share and use to speak up for the oppressed; ultimately to try to advance their status in our world.

Showing Nonhumans Tangled in Human Domination

I capture human and nonhuman animals in all of my photography. A human may not be visible in every photo, but they are still part of it because the nonhumans are only in the situation that they are in due to the things humans have done to them. The types of injustices that are being done to other animals at the hands of humans every single second are outrageously unnecessary, anti-empathetic, soul destroying, barbaric, brutal, psychotic, environmentally devastating, and crueler than most minds could possibly imagine or comprehend. I’m interested in showing animals who are automatically denied a decent and free life and who are in the process of living a life that is incessantly being destroyed, disrespected and degraded. Showing the whole spectrum of what it’s like to be a nonhuman in a world where most humans think they rule the world or don’t grasp their actions is what I do, but I also show animals who are loved and cared for by those who don’t want any personal involvement with animal exploitation, abuse, and killing.

We All Want To Live

I hope that I can educate and help to foster compassion, enlightenment, and evolution in humans and inspire others to get active in serious and significant ways for oppressed beings who surround us all. The images show that the sum of the world is nothing like the little parts we frequently see. We all want to live and be able to fulfill what our personality desires and so do the rest of the animal species. Feel free to reach out with comments, questions and requests.


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